As a non-profit organisation, our work is dependent on the strength of the relationships we develop, along with support from the business and veteran’s community. Corporate and individual engagement from those aligned with our values and our mission enables us to continue our work.

We are actively seeking sponsorship from organisations concerned with the welfare of Ex-Servicemen and Women, and their families. We have a range of options available that meet the needs of our charity and also return benefits to our sponsors. Please contact us to discuss this in detail.

Corporate Partnerships

The assistance we offer our veteran community is diverse and far-reaching. We welcome support from all kinds of businesses in the community – from donations of goods and services that our veterans and charity require, to partnership agreements that provide mutual satisfaction and reward to everyone involved.

We are privileged to work with some incredible organisations at the local business level as well as with brands that are globally recognised. Our goal is that partnerships are focused to address specific needs of our charity, but are also beneficial to the sponsor; offering them benefits, promotion, and support opportunities, within the community that we serve.

Goods in Kind

As well as financial assistance for anything from everyday expenses to education, we also offer our veteran community essential goods and services in their times of need. This could be something as simple as transport, or clothing, to helping them out with furniture, appliances, medical care or property maintenance.

A donation of goods and services may seem like a small contribution on your part, but it can have a life-changing impact on someone else’s. We are unable to provide a receipt for tax purposes; however, we can issue a letter of acknowledgment, detailing your involvement and the impact your support has made.

Employee Involvement Through Volunteering

We can assist your business to broaden the experiences of its employees by welcoming them as volunteers! Not only does it build teamwork, and establish stronger connections with the community, volunteering with us offers a deeply satisfying solution for your organisation’s social responsibility policy.

Carry On (Victoria) utilises the help of volunteers through team fundraising initiatives, payroll deductions or assistance at events throughout the country, with agreed time freed up for your employees to leave the office and engage with our work.

We believe that by working together, we not only achieve our preferred outcomes, but we also ensure that Ex- Servicemen and Women, and their families remain a visible part of the broader community. Please contact us on (03) 9629 2648 to discuss how your support can make a difference.