Social responsibility has become a key value of many across the globe in recent years. Consumers are becoming more educated about the impact of their spending and increasingly making choices to buy from brands whose social conscious is not only evident, but a priority. In turn, companies who have recognise their customer’s shift in priorities, are establishing stronger corporate identities and reputations thanks to their commitment to important social and environmental issues.

How Your Marketing Can Support Carry On (Victoria)
Unlike our sponsorship support options, Cause Related Marketing (CRM) promotes the impact your organisation is making on their chosen charity or cause - in this case Carry On (Victoria) - rather than focussing on the amounts that are donated or raised. Featuring our charity’s logo on your packaging and donating a percentage of sales of a product, is a classic example of CRM. This kind of campaign also empowers the consumer to make small differences in their everyday life, by choosing to buy your product over that of your competition.

The advantage of your organisation developing a CRM with Carry On (Victoria), is not only the life-changing difference it will make to our Ex-Servicemen and Women, and their families, it also reinforces your brand’s integrity through its long-term commitment to such an important cause.

More Than Just the Bottom Line
The impacts of this kind of fundraising for our charity are truly immeasurable. They make a direct impact on the health, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of Ex-Servicemen and Women, and their families, giving them a better chance at reintegrating into society and strengthening their connections with the community.

Brands that have re-evaluated their organisation’s values and aligned themselves with charities or social causes, offer a key point of difference from their competition. They also offer a more attractive workplace to existing and potential employees, by inspiring a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and loyalty in the workplace.

If your organisation is considering a CRM campaign, please contact us on (03) 9629 2648 to discuss the possibilities.