Become a Member

There are many ways you can support our charity but why not show your ongoing support and become a member of Carry On (Victoria)? Our members are Ex-Servicemen and Women, and their families, and other like-minded people who want to help and support the Ex-Service community.

There are three types of memberships, with the general membership open to all members of the community.


Our general memberships are $20 a year and are taken up by people who are passionate about assisting the veteran community. Becoming a member also enables you to become an active volunteer, to assist with some functions in a Branch (such as Leader, Secretary or Treasurer) or in other ways that help benefit Veterans. These membership applications are approved by the Carry On (Victoria) Board. Approved members have full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and individual branch meetings.


Life Member
Life memberships are granted to those who have been deemed by the board as having been outstanding contributors to, and/or advocates for the organisation. The board nominates such members, they are not required to pay a membership fee and they have full voting rights.

Associate or Corporate Member
An individual from the business community, or a business or company that has shown commitment to the work of Carry On (Victoria) can be granted an Associate or Corporate membership. These members can attend meetings but are not entitled to vote. They are not required to pay a membership fee.

If you support the ideals and values of Carry On (Victoria), want to maintain a connection with the Australian veteran community, or have a friend or family member who has been a past beneficiary of the organisation, why not join us and sign up for an annual membership.

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